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Simply E Liquid are leading suppliers of electronic cigarette products, accessories and e liquids. Whether you are an experienced e cigarette user, or whether you are a first time user, can offer you advice, starter guides and products that are excellent value for money.

Everything we sell on this site is tried and tested, so we can offer our customers the best in electronic vaping. With fast delivery and excellent customer service, we should be your first port of call for anything e-cig related!

What are e cigarettes? E cigarettes, also known as electronic cigarettes, are battery operated devices that deliver the user a hit of nicotine through inhalation. The difference between this and a normal cigarette is that an electronic cigarette does not use the process of combustion so no tar or carbon monoxide is released. This makes it a “healthier” alternative to traditional smoking. This website contains an Electronic cigarettes FAQ section for all your electronic cigarette questions and answers.

What is E Liquid? E liquid is the substance you put in the electronic cigarette. This gives the e cig its flavour (which you can choose), its nicotine content and its vapour. It contains Propylene Gel as well as the flavourings and a strength of nicotine which you can choose. It comes in a small bottle so you can drop the e liquid into the e cigarette. Some users decide to DIY their e liquids, making their own flavourings in a creative way. This website contains an E Liquid FAQ section and a Starters Guide to E Liquid, for more information on e liquids. Here you will find everything you need to know on E liquid!

Will it help me quit smoking? Many smokers have used the e cigarette to help them wean themselves off the smoking habit. This is achieved by gradually cutting down the dose of nicotine in the e liquid, so that the body can sensibly and slowly get over its addiction.

Are E Liquid and Electronic cigarettes safe? Yes, all of our products have been fully tested and approved. We always bring in the latest products on the e cig market for our customers’ satisfaction, too. Using the kits and liquids as advised, there is no risk to health with our e cigarettes.

How do I get started? Make the switch today by browsing the store and purchase one of our excellent value for money starter kits and e liquids. You won’t be disappointed!

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